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Our Methodology

The Aid Insights project offers clear and concise country-specific information on security threats to NGOs, their staff, assets and programmes.


Each country profile is based on the analysis of security incidents and concerns shared by aid
agencies through the Aid in Danger project. They provide a unique insight into the environment in which aid agencies work.


They present the top security concerns to aid delivery, statistics on aid-worker- related RTA injury rate, the weapons use rate in all reported security incidents, data on sexual violence against aid workers and details on the country context.

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Shared Partner-Agency Data

Following an MoU aid agencies share confidential information on security incidents that affected the delivery of aid. This information is anonymised, pooled and analysed using the confidential Security in Numbers Database (SiND).

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The Security Incident Information Management (SIIM) Handbook provides information for aid agencies on how to manage and use security incident information for strategic decision-making, duty of care and policy debates.

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Open-Source Monitoring

We used innovative technologies monitor open sources for incidents affecting aid delivery. This information is made available in the Aid in Danger Monthly News Briefs and supports data collection and background information.

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Country Context

Consultants research the country contexts. National and HQ aid agency security staff members provide our team of experts with additional background information on threats that aid specific incidents are placed into country contexts.

Country Profiles

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